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There is a huge population of people that survive with oily skins. The personal skin care treatments for such skin surfaces are entirely different in comparison to the dry skin. The most common cosmetic product that is recommended for oily skins is sunblock. It is like an ultra-skin sun screen which is used to protect the skin by excessive sun rays when going out. Sunblock for oily skin products is liquid-based, high in hydrating power, non-sticky, and quite compatible to oily skins. All these dermal suitable factors are kept in mind while developing sunblock by BLUSH brand. These sun blocks are perfect alternatives to the traditional moisturizing creams, as one can skip moisturizer and apply sunblock. This cosmetic product is mainly applied over the body in the day time and is suggested to avoid at night as it creates large pores in the skin. Thus, sunblock is the new invention that has captivated the makeup industry.
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