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Blush Vitamin C Facial Kits

Facial cosmetics is not always made of synthetic composition, there are other nutritional ingredients involved in the manufacturing process too. These facial kits and products are specially categorized for health care cosmetic sections, apart from the regular makeup collection. BLUSH is a beauty brand that has a broader spectrum of collection when it comes to searching for best quality of facial needs. One such range is present in Vitamin C facial kit. As the name indicates, this facial kit has all the products developed with Vitamin C addition, be it the creams, serums, or wash. The main purpose of applying Vitamin C facial over the skin is that it significantly treats the skin surface by reducing excessively dark spots, eye circles, scars, and patches that are resulted from the frequent sun exposure. This procedure not only adds magnificent glow but also impart nutrition to the skin in form of Vitamin C.
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Blush Vitamin C Facial Kit with Serum
Regular priceRs.4,497.00Rs.3,550.00
    Blush Vitamin C Facial Kit With Facewash And Serum
    Regular priceRs.5,057.00Rs.4,250.00
      Blush Vitamin C Facial Kit with Serum (Box)
      Regular priceRs.5,281.00Rs.4,350.00

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