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Facial Kits

Facial treatments are the best for enhancing the beauty of skin and improving the health condition of face. The creams, toner, and face wash present in the compilation of the facial kit are exemplary beauty products which accelerate the cleaning of face from all kinds of impurities as well as add a lighter tone to the skin. The best facial kit brand in Pakistan promises to offer a warm and natural look to the skin despite extensive facial application on skin. BLUSH is a beauty brand that along with common makeup products offers its customer with a wide collection of facial kits too. This is up to the preference and kin compatibility of the client to select a particular facial kit brand. There are natural, chemical-based, synthetic, and fruit extract-based facial products. Facial whitening, improvement, and cosmetic up-gradation are the three most targets of facial kits which is the potential winners for the brand.
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Blush Brightening Facial Kit with Serum and Bleach Kit
Regular priceRs.7,500.00Rs.5,625.00
    Blush Brightening Facial Kit with Serum
    Regular priceRs.5,900.00Rs.4,425.00
      Blush Brightening Facial Kit
      Regular priceRs.4,700.00Rs.3,760.00
        Blush Brightening Facial Kit 240ml
        Regular priceRs.8,100.00Rs.5,670.00
          Blush Vitamin C Facial Kit with Serum
          Regular priceRs.6,850.00Rs.5,480.00
            Blush Vitamin C Facial Kit With Facewash And Serum
            Regular priceRs.7,600.00Rs.5,400.00

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