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The biggest demand requested from the cosmetic and makeup industries all over the world is to keep their products safe, secure, healthy, and compatible in use. Therefore, there are many people that prefer to use only naturally devised makeup brands, negating the synthetic options in cosmetics. To satisfy this need of customer, BLUSH beauty brand being the best organic skin care brand in Pakistan has introduced loads of makeup products for all-aged individuals. The term organic promises that the ingredients, content, and mixture of each skin product is pure and safe to use. Fruit extracts, botanical crudes, plants, and other natural origins are most preferred as the starting point of the skin care products of this brand. These are high in anti-oxidants and vitamins which is good addition to the skin. The organic approach has proven to be advantageous and healthy for human skin as it eventually imparts nutrients, anti-aging effect, a better fragrance, and attractive appeal to the physicality of the person.
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Blush Developer 20 Vol
Regular priceRs.301.00Rs.255.00
    Blush Blonder Powder
    Regular priceRs.430.00Rs.365.00
      Blush Purifying Daily Facewash
      Regular priceRs.429.00Rs.364.00
        Blush Pomegranate Brightening Facewash
        Regular priceRs.539.00Rs.458.00
          Blush Tea Tree Purifying Facewash
          Regular priceRs.429.00Rs.364.00
            Blush Vitamin C Brightening Facewash
            Regular priceRs.539.00Rs.458.00
              Blush Sunblock 50
              Regular priceRs.429.00Rs.364.00
                Blush Sunblock 70
                Regular priceRs.429.00Rs.364.00
                  Blush Brightening Scrub
                  Regular priceRs.495.00Rs.420.00

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