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Face need nourishment and glow all the time. Some people have a naturally glowing skin which is free of any sorts of dark spots or patches while some suffer from acne and other skin issues. There are many cosmetic applications which are quite skin-friendly and help a lot in attaining an artificial skin attraction. One of such options offered at BLUSH is best facial kit for glowing skin that is the first hand defense for improving facial skin health. The facial treatment detaches all the dirt and dust integrated deep in the skin by extraction principle. In addition to it, facial can significantly enhance the skin color by degrees, offering a lighter and brighter skin tone to the face. Facial is the common treatment which is available in beauty parlors, salons, and can be carried at homes too. Facial kits are usually consisted of variety of creams that primarily serve as for face washing and deep-cleaning.

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Blush Bleach Kit (50 gm/100 ml )
Regular priceRs.1,200.00Rs.1,020.00
    Blush Face and Body Blonder Powder & Developer
    Regular priceRs.3,702.00Rs.3,146.00
      Blush Brightening Facial Kit 240ml
      Regular priceRs.5,880.00Rs.4,200.00
        Blush Vitamin C Facial Kit with Serum
        Regular priceRs.4,497.00Rs.3,550.00
          Blush Vitamin C Facial Kit With Facewash And Serum
          Regular priceRs.5,057.00Rs.4,250.00
            Blush Vitamin C Facial Kit with Serum (Box)
            Regular priceRs.5,281.00Rs.4,350.00
              Mani Pedi Kit With Serum & Hand and Foot Cream
              Regular priceRs.3,100.00Rs.1,800.00

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